1. Google.com: get in the directory
  2. Adobe.com: followed forum links
  3. Blogspot.com: If you cant figure out how to get a link on blogspot, give up now.
  4. Yahoo.com: join the directory
  5. Youtube.com: Create your own channel
  6. Wikipedia.org: Add it, it will be nofollowed, but still worth it.
  7. W3.org : Newsletter Auto-Linking
  8. Facebook.com: Facebook Apps (check out the retailer icons)
  9. Wordpress.org: Write a Good Plugin (Author Homepage)
  10. Myspace.com: If you can’t figure out how to get a link on myspace, you need to give up on SEO.
    Check out the link to gamespot on this page.
  11. Microsoft.com: Amapedia FTW
  12. Macromedia.com: Get Mentioned, hard link to get
  13. Wordpress.com: Create a Blog, If you can’t figure out how to get a link on wordpress.com, you need to give up on SEO.
  14. Flickr.com: Add and Edit a Comment
    Create a comment with a link in it like this… <a rel=”follow” href=”https://www.yoursite.com”>text</a>. Flickr will add a nofollow after the HREF, but the rel=”follow” will already have been parsed. Sneaky, eh?
  15. StatCounter.com: Member profile Contact Info
  16. Miibeian.gov.cn : Good luck
  17. Msn.com: Movies Search Results
  18. Apple.com: Get Written About. Yeah, this one is tough.
  19. AOL.com: Propeller cross-domain. Now that is clever!
  20. MapQuest.com : Map Listings
  21. Sourceforge.net: Forum Profile Pages
  22. NYtimes.com: It never ceases to amaze me what spammers can find.
  23. Feedburner.com: Feed Links Count.
  24. CNN.com: Create a Fan Nation Blog
  25. Free.fr: Create a Site
  26. Tripod.com: If you don’t know how to get a link from tripod, you need to give up on SEO.
  27. Live.com: Create a blog on Windows Live Spaces
  28. Go.com: Create a Sports Nation Fan Blog
  29. Addthis.com: Only nofollows from forum links.
  30. Typepad.com: Create a Blog
  31. PHPbb.com: Signature Links
  32. Digg.com: Go Popular. Write fantastic content and get on the homepage of Digg to get PR flowing links.
  33. technorati.com: Site Reactions Pages and others
  34. del.icio.us (now delicious.com): Get mentioned on the blog
  35. php.net: Become a Mirror
  36. imdb.com: make a movie or documentary
  37. about.com: followed links in the forums
  38. ebay.com: user pages have followed links
  39. rambler.ru: forum links followed
  40. blogger.com: Get into the “Blogs I follow”
  41. fc2.com: Blog
  42. joomla.org: followed links in the forum
  43. google.de: Directory
  44. creativecommons.org: Try installing ccHost and mentioning your installation
  45. Mysql.com: Forge Comments