Макет сайта #A01B332

Макет сайта #A01B332#A01B332

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Go green together with new e-commerce theme. Inspired by green philosophy we have decided to create something fresh and very useful for your health and here you are - please welcome our green shop theme for a Health Life Store. This theme has 3-column layout, classical green header and of course a superb background.

  • CSS3 Design
  • themeMagic V1.1 Template Framework
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • 29 Module Positions
  • 20+ Stock + 4 User Module Suffix Styles
  • 3 JQuery based Menu Styles - Suckerfish - Dropline - DualFish
  • Multi Column Design
  • TI Template admin panel for more control over colors & styles
  • Custom Joomla Content CSS Style
  • Commented source files for user friendly customization
  • Cross Browser Support for IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.
Bonus Themes:
  • Eventlist - Eventlist Theme
  • Kunena Forum - Kunena Theme
  • K2 - K2 Theme
  • JComments - Theme


Featured Extensions:

K2 Content Wall

K2 Comment Wall

NewsPro Version 3.10.1

JComments Wall 1.3

Eventlist Wall



Kunena Forum





Package Includes:

JoomlaXTC Journalistix J1.5 TI Template

Eventlist Journalistix Template

K2 Journalistix Template

Kunena Journalistix Template

JoomlaXTC Journalistix J1.5 Jumpstart Install +

PSD Graphic Source Files

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