Макет сайта #A01B345

Макет сайта #A01B345#A01B345

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Innovation+Science template, beautifully complex and very customizable theme, with many applications in personal and business use. It's perfect for online magazines, personal/company portfolios, blogs and corporate sites. This theme comes with an unique, massive and functional backend CMS , that gives you almost unending possibilities. Every page template has individual rich set of options that allow you to customize almost every visible element. For WordPress version we have created some special and unique tools, like for example Floating Objects or Custom Footer feature. These and other improvements allow you to create new elements or change some sections completely in comparison to our original design. Of course you can focus only on adding your content to our template and don't make too much individual changes, but thanks to this complex CMS you can use your creativity and squeeze even something more from Innovation+Science theme with just few clicks :)

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