CMS для создания юмористического сайта

CMS для создания юморного сайта

Специальная CMS, с помощью которой можно создать сайт с анекдотами, смешными историями, картинками и т.д. Система управления позволяет полностью контролировать практически любые аспекты, от пользователей до рекламы на сайте. Подробная информация на английском языке.

Softbiz Jokes and Funny Pictures Script is wonderful script to start your own jokes site. This script has special focus on helping you get great returns for your investment in this script. It provides you cool way to automatically run unlimited number of affiliate ads including Google ads using Google Adsense Program.Script offers great feature to get your visitors hooked to the site. Supports jokes as well as funny pictures.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATABLE (ONLY IN SEO VERSION) Now this script is fully front end language customizable. It means that you can run the script front end in any language like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and so on. You can translate all text strings used in the script front end in one language file (e.g. english.php). Then all strings used in the script front end will come in your native language. You can also change Character Encodings (default utf-8), Text Directions (ltr or rtl), PHP Locale settings etc in the language file.The data that comes from MySQL database comes in the language in which it is entered. So, just use your native language in MySQL db and translate the language file. This way you can run the script in your native language.

What makes this jokes script stand out of the ordinary?

  • Very flexible and efficient advertising system to earn run unlimited number of affiliate ads or Google Adwords.
  • Support for running unlimited banner, affiliate and text text ads.
  • Very well organized to give great experience to your visitors
  • Potential to hook visitors to the site.
  • Easy accessibility of best jokes/pictures on the site.
  • Support for both jokes and funny pictures.
  • Great potential to earn for you!
  • Almost at one third the price of other similar scripts!

Key Applications of the Script:

  • Publish jokes and pictures on net conveniently.
  • Generate traffic and succeed with your affiliate products.
  • Use as advertising platform for your products / other sites.
Detailed Feature List

Member Interface and Layout

  • View jokes and funny pictures
  • Easy categorized browsing
  • Search jokes with advanced search option
  • Joke/picture search based on keyword, category, or certain rating points
  • Full Rating system
  • Quick access to best jokes on the site
  • Top rated jokes/pictures, newest jokes/pictures section
  • Joke of the day section
  • Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors
  • Visitors can rate a joke/picture, can subscribe/unsubscribe jokes.
  • Members can post jokes/pictures
  • Leave feedback for admin
  • Three different types of advertisement displays are available first the usual top advertisement rotator, second the right panel skyscraper just another advertisement rotator, third on the left panel box advertisements can display more than one banner on random basis.It supports banner ads, affiliate ads as well as text ads.

Admin Options

  • Usage stats like total categories, number of approved/unapproved jokes/pictures etc.
  • Configurable site parameters.
  • Control site display parameters.
  • Category management console
  • Admin can add, remove, edit and reorder categories
  • Shift jokes / pictures from one category to another in one go
  • Control category display sequence for front end.
  • Full control over jokes pictures posted on the site.
  • Search for jokes/pictures (based on keyword, category or rating )
  • One click control to approve/disapprove/edit/delete jokes
  • Add jokes/pictures
  • Member management console
  • Email, edit and remove members
  • View jokes suggested by a particular member
  • View/empty member's jokes/pictures
  • Email all members in one go.
  • Subscribers can be emailed individually or collectively
  • View, reply and delete feedback by visitors
  • Sponsored advertisement management
  • Support for multiple ad slots i.e. top advertisement rotator, right panel skyscraper & left panel box advertisements.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete/approve/disapprove any advertisement.
  • All these three can have affiliate text advertisements also
  • Google adword ads are also supported by our jokes script.


SPECIAL Features of SEO VERSION (only in SEO version)

  • Great search engine visibility of Jokes and Joke Category pages
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all Jokes pages
  • URL rewriting of all Joke Category Pages in a multi level hierarchical manner
  • Separate meta tags for each Joke and Joke Category (It provides great Search Engine Optimization)
  • Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for each Joke details page and Category page

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