WP Robot Elite 3.x

«WP Robot» 3 — плагин автоматических постов

Обновилась версия (до 3.x) плагина «WP Robot Elite» с помощью которого вы можете создавать целевые посты по любой теме ни выдумывая и не печатая ни буквы!

«WP Robot» — это мощный и простой в использовании плагин для движка блогов Wordpress позволяющий включить автопилот для наполнения свежего контента на вашем блоге с любым интервалом между постами. Самое главное: посты можно нацелить по любой специализации при помощи ключевых слов! Более подробно на английском.

WP Robot Features

This is a quick overview of all features of the WP Robot core version, which can be extended by adding aditional modules. To learn more about the features of a specific module available for WP Robot please have a look at the modules page.

  • Create posts related to your weblog's topic. You can create posts for basically any topic you can think of. I have yet to discover a niche there is no content for on the websites WP Robot pulls content from.
  • Create posts for many keywords at the same time.You can have 20 active keywords in the basic version and 50 keywords in the advanced of WP Robot simultaneously. The elite version even allows an unlimited amount of keywords.
  • Add created posts to any category of your Wordpress weblog. You can choose a different category for each keyword you create.
  • Custom time intervals between posts. You define the pace in which new content is added to your site by specifying a custom time interval for every keyword. You could for example add new posts for the keyword "ipods" every 2 hours or every 3 days (etc).
  • Extend WP Robot's functionality with new modules. Currently there are 7 different modules available and more will be released soon!
  • Control exactly what content is created. By setting probabilities for every module or disabling modules for certain keywords you have full control over what WP Robot does.
  • Creates tags for every post. Tags are one of the many powerful features of Wordpress. That's why WP Robot will add several related tags for each post it creates.
  • Link Cloaking Automatically cloak all your affiliate links posted by WP Robot modules.
  • Humanized Post Times Make your autoblogs look more natural by using the randomzed post time feature of WP Robot.
  • Backdating Create a large number of posts in the past in order to make newly created autoblogs appear like they were around for a long time already.
  • Bulk Add Keywords. Use the new bulk add keywords feature to set up a new autoblog even quicker than before.
  • Many customizable options. You can for example choose if new posts are immediatelly published or added as drafts and much more...
  • Free Support via the WP Robot support forum.

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